Samsung SSG-5100GB 3D HD TV Active Glasses Lot Of 4 Brand New

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  • If your TV Samsung 3D TV didn't include 3D glasses, or if you need an extra or replacement pair, the SSG-5100GB should do the job afford ably. These active glasses have special liquid crystal lenses which lighten and darken in precise coordination with the 3D content displayed on the TV screen. Each eye sees a full 1080p image, just a slightly different version, which is necessary to create the 3D effect. The glasses communicate wirelessly with the TV via Bluetooth, and they're compatible with Samsung LED-LCD and plasma 3D TVs. These glasses are powered by a long-life battery which lasts up to 150 hours. Designed to fit adults and kids, and can be worn over eyeglasses. Warranty: 1 year


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    Binding Elektronik
    Marke Samsung
    E A N 3833630393726
    Label Samsung
    M P N SSG-5100GB
    Manufacturer Samsung
    Model 4330079527
    Package Quantity 20
    Part Number SSG-5100GB
    Product Group Speakers
    Product Type Name CE_ACCESSORY
    Publisher Samsung
    Studio Samsung
    Titel Samsung SSG-5100GB 3D HD TV Active Glasses Lot of 4 Brand New
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